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Family Counseling

Belle Mente Counseling takes the concerns of family matters to heart. It is our goal to assure that every member of a family be treated as equal individuals, who all have a “voice”.

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Counseling for Women

Bella Mente Counseling works with woman of all ages from 18+ who are struggling in one area of their life, or many.

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Counseling for Men

Bella Mente Counseling works with men of all ages from 18+ who are struggling in one area of their life or many. Some of the topics we have encountered are…

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Counseling for Children

Belle Mente Counseling works with children ages 5+ and has built relationships with community agencies who have entrusted their students or clients from community schools and…

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Couples Counseling

Bella Mente seeks to help your relationship. We help single men and women, married couples, and couples of all kinds who are seeking to better their relationship with another person/s.

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Transgender / LGBT Counseling

Belle Mente is happy to welcome clients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual who may feel confused, lost, or are…

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Substance Abuse Counseling

Bella Mente wants to help you or your loved one to find ways to choose sobriety and to maintain it.

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