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Hello there! I am Tara and I am an experienced clinician who is also a former teacher and mom of two! I have always felt I had a natural propensity to understand other people and an ability to help them understand themselves and use that knowledge to make lasting changes in their lives. Then, in 2007, I earned my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling (MA) and began to use those skills in a professional capacity to help more than just those in my inner circle. I believe that the key to lasting and profound change is found in working toward self-actualization and being willing to see others the way they see themselves – also recognizing how our own natural wiring affects how we approach relationships and challenges in our lives. The validation that comes with understanding our own strengths and weaknesses and those of others facilitates the process of learning effective communication through seeing people through THEIR lens and not our own. Whether you are coping with past trauma or anxiety or a family or couple searching for that lost connection that could repair the emotional bond with each other, I take a proactive, collaborative, and compassionate approach to helping clients learn and heal. Regardless of what you are facing, it is my commitment to respectfully help you work through and resolve the issues and accompanying emotions and behaviors that prevent you from experiencing the peace, connection, and congruity in your life that you truly deserve and desire. I am proactive and authentic in my approach and honor the unique needs of each client. I look forward to embarking on this very meaningful journey with you!

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