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Are you finding yourself overcome with life’s changes? Is the present COVID situation increasing feelings of anxiety and depression? Are you ready to create positive change with your relationships, career challenges, financial concerns or health issues? We all strive for balance, peace of mind, and happiness.

This is the time when I can provide you with direction, guidance and support to assist you in achieving your personal goal. This can occur with client centered, non-judgmental and interactive therapy. My goal is to partner with each client in a compassionate and attentive manner with an individualized plan to meet their personal needs.

I have over 30 years of individual, family, and group counseling with teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Addressing depression, anxiety, grief, death and dying, trauma, anger management, family dynamics and complex health issues in various settings.

I have a keen knowledge of several types of therapy such as CBT, DBT, and person centered and mindful based cognitive therapy.

Working for Bella Mente Counseling LLC has been a gratifying experience. The office setting is conducive to a client approach.

During this unprecedented time, I am available for telephone/video appointments with a flexible time schedule. I look forward to meeting you and beginning our journey to wellness.

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