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My name is Laura Cliff and I am a counselor at Bella Mente !
With a holistic approach, I am a trauma-informed clinician with the ability to treat a variety of issues including grief, chronic stress, life transitions, and various types of trauma – with a special interest in healing attachment and relational trauma. Working collaboratively, we can begin to identify deep core wounds, create boundaries, silence shame and inappropriate guilt, repair self-esteem, and your relationship with yourself.
I enjoy bringing psychoeducation into session, explaining how trauma and deep core wounds can impact our lives. I provide a safe place to explore painful experiences and assist my clients in locating the source of these wounds to find where healing can begin.
My role is to hold up a mirror and reflect what my client are┬átelling me, even when they’re not ready to face it. While challenging, with a little bit of compassion, empathy, and some comic relief, the journey of assisting my clients to finally see their best selves reflected back is always worth the challenge!
I see clients in the Warwick Office Location and via tele-health.
I look forward to meeting you !
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