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Hello all! Thank you for clicking on my Bio! I’m here to help you get and continue to be well. Whether you are searching for the person you were or trying to find out who you are, I can hopefully help with that process. Just showing up for treatment/counseling alone won’t fix anyone, it’s what one does with the opportunities and information presented to them. Through an eclectic approach and theoretic foundation, let me help you to identify the core internal and/or external conflicts that are causing you distress and pain and work on a concrete plan towards resolution and relief.

I am a master’s level counselor and have dedicated my life to helping others. I’ve assisted those in correctional, inpatient, and community settings. I have experience with adolescents and adults of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders. I have assisted those that suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorders, relationship problems, grief, and life adjustments to name a few. I work with adolescents and adults individually, as couples, or as a family.

This may be an extremely difficult time for you and possibly for those around you, allow yourself to be helped, whether by me or someone else. If it is me, then I look forward to supporting you in this critical time and if not I wish you the very best!

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