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Lauren has been in the field of behavioral health for the past ten years. She began as a direct care worker at a residential home caring for adults with physical and developmental disabilities. After this, she started working as a treatment coordinator at the Groden Network while pursuing her graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling at Rhode Island College. Having always had an interest in the intense struggles of mental health and substance abuse, she also held a concentration in Co-occurring Disorders in conjunction with this degree. Due to the passion developed for working with children on the autism spectrum, Lauren then went on to pursue a graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis for Special Populations at the University of Massachusetts Boston. By 2015, she found her place working within Massachusetts public school systems as a behavior therapist. She worked in Fall River for two years and is currently employed full time with Attleboro Public Schools. Her job consists of consulting with and providing necessary resources to teachers/school personnel and families in order to support children with social-emotional and behavioral concerns.

Lauren’s therapeutic approach is to provide genuine support and counseling to help clients address the intense anxiety and depression that often stems from personal life challenges. She strongly believes that far too often the stigma behind mental health issues and fear of negative social repercussions inhibits people from seeking the help that they need. The truth is that almost everyone you know or come in contact with is dealing with some type of emotional pain or stressor. Her main goal in therapy will always be to not only lessen the anxiety and depression that clients are experiencing, but also to work toward removing that insecurity and negativity from a person’s thought process so that they can become truly and honestly happy with themselves and their lives.

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