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Kate Walsh

Hi! I’m Kate. I am a Masters’s level clinician and have been working in the field since I graduated in 2012 with a Masters’s in Child and Family therapy from Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts. I have worked with children and families in the community and children in school settings, such as behavioral programs. I also have worked as a crisis clinician in local emergency departments. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and criminal justice from UMASS Boston and enjoyed working in corrections where I was able to support those incarcerated who were struggling with mental health issues. Most recently, I have worked with dual diagnoses and individuals struggling with substance abuse. At this time, I enjoy utilizing CBT, mindfulness, harm reduction, and solution-focused therapies. I believe the most important part of therapy is building a therapeutic alliance and meeting the individual where they’re at. The first step is asking for help! I look forward to working with you!

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